Thursday, November 7, 2013

Have you read the Lies that NC Values is pushing about Enda?

No comment is needed on my part,

- ENDA creates a new special right for someone who claims to be homosexual, bisexual, or transgendered to sue business owners.

- Businesses owned by well-meaning and honest people will be forced to give special rights to men who choose to dress and act like women and women who choose to dress and act like men, regardless of the business owners’ own beliefs or religious faith.

- ENDA will pave the way for frivolous litigation that will make lawyers millions on the backs of America's small businesses.

- ENDA could force small businesses across North Carolina to choose between fighting an expensive and lengthy lawsuit and closing up shop.

- ENDA could be used as the instrument with which all businesses in our country will be cleansed of their Christian beliefs or of their opinions that certain jobs are not suitable for those with “gender identity” or “sexual orientation” disorders.

This law sets a dangerous precedent and poses a direct threat to religious liberty in America and our First Amendment freedoms.


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