Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jubilee & Moral March conference call tonight



Bridge Crossing Jubilee and Moral March Debrief Conference Call Tonight!


Saturday, February 22 at 8:00 PM 


Conference Call Number: 712 432 1500

Meeting ID Number: 32 54 71#

- Moral March on Raleigh Debrief
- Trip to Selma Bridge Crossing Jubilee

The Forward Together Moral Movement Joins the Selma 
Bridge Crossing Jubilee


     The Forward Together Moral Movement is going to Selma! We are organizing a bus to the 22nd annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee. As we commemorate Bloody Sunday, we will continue to fight for voting rights and to build the moral movement as it spreads across the South. For more information, please join the conference call.


     In 1965, a march for voting rights was organized from Selma to Montgomery. The 600 peaceful marchers left on March 7 and got only six blocks before they were brutally attacked by local police while crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge. This day went down in history as Bloody Sunday and helped lead to the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Despite this attack, thousands from around the nation came to Selma two days later to finish the march.


     Thousands will come again to Selma in 2014 and the Forward Together Moral Movement will join them. 


Basic Trip Logistics

Dates: March 8 and 9

Bus Cost: $82 round trip

Hotel Cost: $87 for double occupancy


Forward Together, Not One Step Back!

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