Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Forwarded email on NC education issues

After three budget proposals, two things are clear: Gov. McCrory, Phil Berger, and Thom Tillis all realize that they created an education crisis when they gave tax handouts to the wealthy, special interests, and out-of-state corporations – and they want to avoid being blamed for it in an election-year.

Instead of offering serious long-term solutions, all they have done is suggest short-term Band-Aids that will actually hurt our students and teachers even more. We have heard reports this past year of students without textbooks, teachers without supplies and classrooms without teaching assistants because of Republican cuts. Meanwhile, teachers are fleeing the state in record numbers and having to take second jobs to make ends meet. North Carolina deserves better.

It's time to change the priorities in Raleigh and really stand up for teachers. Please contribute $10, $25, $50, even $100 today to the Senate Democratic Caucus and help elect new leaders- Leaders who care about public education. Your contribution today will help fund smart, aggressive campaigns and candidates committed to putting teachers before special interests.

Let's work together for North Carolina's students and teachers.

Please contribute today.

Thank you,


Senator Dan Blue

Senate Democratic Leader




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