Friday, April 10, 2015

Letter from Rep. Larry Hall, “help to stop discrimination.”

North Carolina House Republicans are considering passing HB 348 – a bill that would effectively legalize discrimination and allow individual businesses to target and deny services to members of the LGBT community.

Similar legislation in Indiana and Arkansas has drawn national attention and sparked significant backlash. Individuals are boycotting the states and businesses are threatening to relocate.  HB 348 is more extreme than either version passed in those two states.

We believe that North Carolina should be open and tolerant.  Our state should embrace our diversity and welcome all who want to live, work and raise a family here in North Carolina.

There is simply no place for discriminatory legislation like HB 348 if North Carolina wants to continue to grow, protect its reputation nationally and recruit major companies to locate here.

The time to stop this hateful legislation is now. That is why we are calling on Speaker Tim Moore to publically announce that HB 348 will not be heard in committee and will not be voted on in the North Carolina House.

In order to help Speaker Moore understand how strongly North Carolinians feel about this issue, we are launching a petition drive. Please sign click here to sign our petition and tell Speaker Moore it’s time to focus on creating jobs and improving public education – not more divisive social issues like HB 348.

Our goal is to collect 2,500 signatures before the House reconvenes after the Easter holiday.  Please sign our petition and forward it to 5 friends to help us hit this goal.  I will personally deliver the petition to Speaker Moore’s office to be sure your voice is heard.


Representative Larry D. Hall

Democratic Leader, NC House Democratic Caucus

P.S. For more information on HB 348 you can click here.  Please help us stop discrimination in its tracks by signing our petition today and forwarding it to 5 friends.


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