Friday, November 30, 2012

WTF: TeaBagger Congresswoman Renee Ellmers want's to Honor NC biggest Bigot and Complete Asshole Jessie Helms

50b824e90a0c4_preview-300Can you actually believe this shit,

Honoring Senator Jesse Helms

This week, I was proud to submit H.R. 6607 - a bill to name the Century Post Office in Raleigh as the 'Jesse Helms Federal Building and United States Courthouse'. Senator Helms was an important advocate and representative of North Carolina throughout his 20 years of service in the United States Senate. This bill will ensure that the work he accomplished for the people of North Carolina will live on and invite future generations to learn about the important work he accomplished for our state.
Below is a statement from Mrs. Dorothy Helms, wife of the late Senator Jesse Helms:
"Today, the entire Helms family was deeply touched to learn that Rep. Renee Ellmers (R, N.C.) introduced a House Resolution which will name the historic Century Post Office in Raleigh as the 'Jesse Helms Federal Building and United States Courthouse'.  Jesse’s office was located in that very building for most of his Senate career. He was very proud to have his Senate office in that building on Fayetteville Street — Raleigh’s 'Main Street'.  Jesse was a letter writer throughout his entire life so it's especially meaningful that the building to be named in his honor contains a post office. We are most humbled by Congress’ consideration of this resolution."

This Bitch is on something, need a bill to drug test all of Congress, ASAP.

This man was nothing more then a racist, bigot, homophobe, and a complete jack ass.

Ellmers, his work was to belittle and deny many people the basics items of life. Lets not forget how he treated those with HIV, no matter if they were str8 or Gay or how they become infected.

lets not forget this list,

He actively opposed civil rights, voting rights, disability rights, women's rights and gay rights. He attacked children receiving food stamps, fought against a federal holiday to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. and routinely engaged in political and editorial rhetoric that was divisive and rightly considered hate speech. Just one example: the time he called UNC-Chapel Hill the "University of Negroes and Communists."*

if you feel the same then please see below, you can read some of his choicest ranting here, and read a very interesting story here,

Please join us in calling for Congress to reject the idea of naming a building after Jesse Helms. You can sign our petition here.

also Intolerance should not be rewarded and certainly not celebrated, Ellmers you will need to find another way to leave you mark on NC.. Like creating those jobs you and other baggers have been saying you are doing?? Renee Where are the jobs, this bill doesn’t create any jobs, you are wasting taxpayers dollars..

lets not forget this one too,

Earlier this year a move to the name Wake County criminal justice center after Helms was met with resistance.

Ellmers wants to take up Congress time to rename a building after this asshole instead of focusing on our Current Financial issues and other very important items.. The Tea-Republicans really know how to waste time and money in Congress, yet they Blame Obama for everything.

Jesse had a Code word for Blacks,

According to the Wall Street Journal, Helms came up with a code word for blacks, In lieu of the N-word Helms called African Americans "Freds." Helms would ask his staffers, "What does that Fred want?" if a black constituent showed up at his Senate office and I recall hearing him use the the term "Fred" in more public forums. He did not and does not represent or symbolize the North Carolina I work every day to help recover from the Bush recession!

some nice bigoted quotes from Jesse,

“The Negroes of America… have a Congress which would tomorrow morning enact Webster’s Dictionary into law if someone accidentally threw it into the hopper with a civil-rights label. And the Supreme Court would stand in applause.”
—WRAL Viewpoint, 1965

“She’s not your garden-variety lesbian. She’s a militant-activist-mean lesbian, working her whole career to advance the homosexual agenda.”
—Discussing HUD Assistant Secretary Roberta Achtenberg, The News & Observer, 1993


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the douch bagers do the same.

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