Monday, November 26, 2012

Tar Heel Worker Campaign

Progress NC is reporting that a behind closed door deal concerning a plan to cut a deal on reforming NC Unemployment Insurance System is underway in the NCGA. The deal is being worked out between legislators and Chamber of Commerce with out any input form Worker Advocates (which mean the employee will get the short end of the stick). Length of time and amount of unemployment in on the chopping block.

If you feel that this discussion belongs in the OPEN Forum Please sign the Petition at, (see below for links)

Petition | I am a Tar Heel Worker Campaign

11.19.2012 Yesterday, the Associated Press wrote that North Carolina policymakers are nearing a deal on reforming the unemployment insurance system that will likely include cuts to the amount of benefits and

Yes those wonder jokers that are elected by us want jobless folks to pay back the UI debt that they cause by years of underfunding by employers.. Do you think this is fair..

I’m all for reform, but these talks need to be held in a Open Public Forum, not behind closed doors..

Stop by their Facebook page for more info, too.


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