Friday, December 28, 2012

One of NC new stupid Laws, which helps Big Oil

Did you know that stealing used restaurant grease will be a felony starting Jan. 1?

I ask what idiot wrote this bill?

Torbett said that grease haulers and restaurants came to him with the grease theft problem addressed in HB 512. But law enforcement hasn't always taken the crime seriously, he said.

Really, just who was doing the bitching about lost of used grease??

In North Carolina, small bio fuels producers used leftover grease to create biodiesel that can be used to run specially equipped automobiles or home heating systems.

Yes Big Oil working thru smaller local companies,, need to protect their profits..

so here the NC  Representative who is in the pockets of Big Oil, doing everything to Protect them..


so how does this bill Protect Big Oil, here is the answer,

"We call it the grease police bill," said Lyle Estill, president of Piedmont Biofuels based in Chatham County. His company collects grease from restaurants throughout the Triangle. "This bill doesn't do anything about the people who are stealing grease," he said. He said the bill will help big rendering companies at the expense of hobbyist and others who collect and use or sell small batches of grease.

"Imagine the teacher who would collect the used grease from the school cafeteria once a week and sell it to my company. He'll no longer be able to do that...It will have no impact but it will shift the playing field in favor of big (companies)," Estill said. 

I wonder how much $$$ under the table he got for this bill???


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