Friday, August 9, 2013

Politics in Charlotte getting right down Ugly

DOC: Gary Dunn email to black political caucus


On Wednesday night, one candidate is trying to explain himself after calling his competitor the black, gay candidate.
Eyewitness News has the details from a controversial email.
The letter was written to the black political caucus by a Democratic mayoral candidate, Gary Dunn.
In the letter, Dunn thanked the caucus for inviting him to a political meet and greet.
But then he said, “Maybe I got this wrong, but you should know that I am not the black gay candidate Patrick Cannon, I am the white guy.”

He went on to say that he hopes the black political caucus is not a “white racist group that would vote for only a black candidate.”
Eyewitness News spoke with Dunn on the phone Wednesday night, and he said he is not a bigot, but he said no one should vote based on race or sexual orientation.
"I would fight for every black person on the street. I would fight for every homosexual. I would go out there and kill for them to make sure they got equal rights," said Dunn.
The man he called the black, gay candidate is Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Cannon.
On Wednesday night, he said he is not gay.
He called Dunn’s statements unfortunate.
"It saddens me that someone running for public office would demonstrate such divisive behavior using inflammatory language, especially untruths to attack a family man like myself," said Cannon.
Cannon has served on Charlotte City Council since 1993.
He said after Dunn’s statements, his supporters are more energized than ever.
Cannon and Dunn are among four Democrats facing off in a Sept. 10 primary


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