Thursday, April 3, 2014

Angie’s List Dog commercial is full of lies..

Comment from Tiphareth X
First off, you didn't rescue Riley, the shelter you adopted him from did. I have spoken directly with the shelter you got him from and they are absolutely APPALLED you would say that you got him from them out of a cage that was too small and with matted hair. AND on national TV no less! I can't believe you have the nerve to bad mouth a shelter this way just to make yourself seem like a hero. People like you make me sick. I know from a first hand basis what goes into a dog from the second it is brought into the shelter until the second it is adopted and you are out of your mind if you expect any decent human being with an IQ above 12 to believe that they would have let this dog suffer in their care. How dare you say those things about the very people who are doing the most for the unwanted animals of this country. You should be ashamed of yourself for saying what you did.
This commenter is completely correct, the Shelter would have care for the dog,a then groom him before any adoption would have happen.. The Commercial is is nothing but lies.. Shame on Angie for allowing it.. I also believe these businesses are paying to be on her site.. Hell to see a review you must become a member, i.e. you have sign up.. I see future email spam in your future once you do..


Ann Watson Massingham said...

I feel exactly the same about this commercial. It bugs me every time I see it.

sew{very}creative said...

I can't discern whether or not you're referring to all shelters in general or specifically the one that housed poor Riley, but I can speak from ample experience (having adopted dogs from shelters ~ my preference over going through a breeder ~ and having fostered dogs) that not all shelters are created equal.

For example, our beloved Buddy was adopted from our local ASPCA shelter and his conditions were pretty bloody horrific (and he was literally in the first cage in the room). He was kept in a cage whose floor was so thickly covered in urine that my "flip-flop" stuck to it. It was also clear that he'd not been given much time out of doors ~ he treated being on grass as a frightening experience, didn't tolerate sunlight well, and spooked at normal outdoor sounds (bird song, crickets, etc). He didn't vocalize whatsoever for the first two months nor allow anyone to touch his feet.

Bad shelters do exist.

sew{very}creative said...

(When I say "poor Riley" it's not in reference to his treatment at the shelter, but for the fact that he was in a shelter at all. Ideally ~ obviously ~ pets should have homes no matter how wonderful the shelter)

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