Monday, August 24, 2015

Keep North Carolina Waters Safe


We need your help to stop this bad bill.

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North Carolina's magnificent rivers and streams have shaped our state's landscape. They are a critical part of what makes North Carolina such an exceptional place to live.
But the North Carolina legislature is considering a bill that removes protections for natural areas beside rivers and streams. These natural areas are important because they help filter out pollution and keep our water clean.
As currently drafted, House Bill 44 will allow more pollution to flow into our waterways. We need your help to stop it—take action today.
The bill weakens requirements for "buffers"—vegetated or forested strips of land beside rivers and streams. Natural buffers are among the most cost-effective ways to keep our waterways clean and healthy. But that's not all.
The Senate Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources Committee added provisions that would:

  • Hinder the expansion of safe bike and pedestrian options,
  • Make it more difficult for local officials to address local environmental needs,
  • Allow today's local officials to hand over control of communities' futures to private developers indefinitely,
  • ...And more.

Together, these provisions greatly undermine local elected officials' ability to protect your communities, while the buffer provisions destroy vital water quality protections.
Don't let this terrible bill move forward. Make sure your elected officials know North Carolinians don't want H44.
Jane PreyerThank you for standing up for North Carolina,
Jane Preyer
Senior Director


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