Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chris Barron on Ann Coulter comments about being disowned for being gay

GLAAD denounced Ann Coulter's tweet making fun of gay kids who get disowned by their parents.  Today, as he does every time GLAAD is mentioned, GOProud's Chris Barron responded.  Via the Advocate:

ChrisBarronHSGOProud cofounder Christopher Barron, however, told The Advocate on Wednesday, that GLAAD was overreacting to the author's joke. He added that he knows Coulter personally, and that she "has been a strong ally of gay conservatives. Indeed, Ann has gone into the lion's den at places like CPAC to make the case that gay people should be welcomed in the conservative movement. The criticism of Ann by an organization like GLAAD is laughable."

everyone who belongs to GOProud are self hating, loathing fags..


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