Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thom Tillis need to get a clue..

tillis-right-hereFrom Thom’s Facebook page,

Kay Hagan refuses to say no to the President. Today, despite several of her Democratic colleagues abandoning Obama, Kay Hagan voted to confirm one of his nominees to the Department of Justice who was a vocal advocate for a convicted cop killer. This is reprehensible and a clear sign that North Carolina needs a new Senator.

Yes, we might need a new Senator, yes Kay has made some huge mistakes, however at least she doesn’t that we should do away with a minimum wage for workers, and she not in the pockets of ALEC or POPE..

Thom voted to restrict voting rights for all NC citizens. restrict a women rights to Abortions. He voted yes to Repeal the Racial justice Act. Voted to Prohibit Medicaid Expansion.

Since 2011-2014 going by Ballopedia Tillis hasn’t been appointed to any standing committee.

Let’s not forget how he feels about Moral Monday’s

"Moral Mondays" are for whining losers who oppose GOP agenda. (Dec 2013)

So just who does Thom Tillis Serve??? It surely isn’t the citizens of NC

Tillis has not been getting a lot of great press lately:

It was that pressure that brought him to Charlotte last month for a fundraiser at Myers Park Country Club. While he was on the road to Charlotte, the House he presides over was vigorously debating an abortion-related bill.

Besides missing important House business, Tillis’ moonlighting has the look of the pay-to-play politics that Republicans decried among Democrats for so long. A superPAC for Tillis raised $70,000 from George A. Sywassink, R. Doyle Parrish and W.G. Champion Mitchell, newly released records show. Tillis’ House named all three to the UNC Board of Governors recently, including Sywassink after declaring there had been a vote-tallying error the first time around.

State law bars legislators from raising money from lobbyists during the legislative session, but the ban doesn’t apply to federal candidates like Tillis. So he can attend a fundraiser hosted by Royce Everette, a major consumer finance lender, days after the legislature approved a bill raising interest rates and fees for Everette’s industry.

He has shown he can’t give his undivided attention to the N.C. House and the U.S. Senate at the same time. He should give up his Speaker’s gavel, resign from his House seat and give his full energy to his Senate bid, unencumbered by such distractions as running the state. - Charlotte Observer, 7/18/13


So it's no wonder analysts would consider Tillis a weak candidate.  But as vulnerable of a candidate Tillis might be, he will still be heavily finance by Pope, ALEC, the Koch Brothers and every other right-wing Super PAC.  The GOP wants Hagan's seat and they'll spend big to lie and distort her image.  But while Tillis is off focusing on a higher office, Hagan is looking out for homeless veterans:


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