Sunday, August 3, 2014

How does our Elected Reps feel about Teachers?

If you go by their Assistants, they are Idiot..
From Facebook,

Tim MooreA North Carolina teacher called the office of state Rep. Tim Moore (R-Cleveland County) last week to register her concerns about the budget; his legislative assistant, Nancy Garriss, took the call. Not realizing she hadn't actually hung up the phone after the conversation, Garriss told someone else in the office that "some idiot teacher" had called and made her "blood boil." A glimpse at how some legislative insiders regard the state's teachers.

Is this how our Reps act behind close doors.. and their assistants are no better.
his info, if you would like to call or email him and is assistants,
Office: 2301 Legislative Building
Phone: 919-733-4838
Legislative Mailing Address:
NC House of Representatives
16 W. Jones Street, Room 2301
Raleigh, NC 27601-1096

This is what the Teacher had to say on this issue,
I don't post on Facebook often, but this incident really bothered me. I waited 24 hours so I could calm down before writing. Please pass on to other teachers. We need to be aware of how we are viewed.
I am not an "idiot teacher" for calling State Representative Tim Moore's office on Wednesday afternoon to voice my concerns about the current budget that is being proposed, yet that was what I was called after the conversation was over and Legislative Assistant Nancy Garriss didn't realize she had not hung up. Speaking to another staff person, she told him that "some idiot teacher" had called that and that I made her "blood boil." About that time, someone realized the phone had not been hung up and proceeded to disconnect the line. Of course, I called back immediately. When she answered and I reintroduced myself, she asked if she could put me on hold; I reluctantly agreed. Shortly, a male staffer answered the call and said that Nancy had gone to a meeting. I also got a legal staffer on this call. They apologized, listened politely to what I had to say, offered to have Nancy call to apologize (which I declined), and got my email address.
Having taught for 18 years, I am smart enough to know that the 7% raise that is currently being debated is not 7% for everyone; for step 19, it means 3.31% according to Nancy. I wanted to get on the record and voice my opposition to losing longevity pay. Teachers should not have to give up longevity pay, and I should not have to be grateful to receive a small portion of one of the largest teacher raises in the state's history that will be funded by giving up what I have already earned. The "wonderful" 7% raise that is being talked about is not so wonderful for the teachers who have put in years of service to the community for the education of young people.
If exercising my right as a citizen to argue that I should not have to give up longevity pay in return for a small portion of the raise that is being debated gets me called an "idiot teacher" by the Legislative Assistant in my North Carolina State Representative's office, then it is no wonder teachers are being devalued by our State Government.

There actions tell our Teachers what you are not welcome here and you are costing us money..
Nancy G need to public apology to this teacher, via video post.. then she need to be fired..


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