Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Things are getting more screwed up at the NCGA.

It would seem that the NCGA Republicans don’t want any Democrats or anyone in there own party to read the bills as they come up for votes.

julia Howard repIt would seem that Rep Julia Howard, who represents Davie and Forsyth (79 district) had a issue and rejected a suggestion from Rep Paul Luebke that lawmakers should have more time to read a 70 page bill concerning the changes to the state’s unemployment insurance which was filed earlier in the day..

Critic of this bill notes that over 80,000 Carolina workers would become ineligible for federal benefits, which would result in the state losing over $25 million in federal money that is currently being injected into the state’s economy..

I bet this old depends wearing, geritol swigging, peroxide white nelly hag couldn’t live off of $350.00/week..

Click below to hear the exchange between Howard and Luebke:
This makes her the Douchebagoftheday..


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