Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What the Fuck is wrong with the folks in Oklahoma

The fifth-ranking House Republican took a shot at the LGBT community at a recent town hall, saying he wanted to use “the power of humiliation” to undermine a program that helps individuals who need substance abuse treatment.

however it has be reveal that the woman who brought this program to his attention is no other then Rep Sally Kern the wicked witch of the west.. Who thinks that gays and lesbians are more of a threat than terrorist are..

Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s efforts have been critical in supporting LGBT people with problems ranging from substance abuse to bullying. Drug abuse factors can be far different for LGBT youth than straight youth, stemming in many cases from family rejection. Cutting the program, as Lankford seems to favor, would be devastating for already-underserved LGBT individuals.

I can only guess there is something in the water out there in Oklahoma, these folk elects some of the most deranged people to represent them in  Congress and their State Houses..

see the video below


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