Friday, January 11, 2013

Today’s headlines


The Police in concert with the hospital staff cause the death of a Pregnant mother. I can only hope the family sue the living hell out of all involve in this matter, Click here .

In Connecticut a local Mayor want a reporter arrested for doing her job, simply because during a break she forgot to turn off her recording device and caught some juicy stuff the mayor didn’t want the public to know. Click here to read about it.

Republican congressman *still* question whether rape victims can get pregnant. click here.
New virtual charter schools policy “a step in the right direction,” more accountability needed -

Rep. Gingrey (R-GA) says its hard for women who are actually raped to get pregnant because they are "tense and uptight"

For folks in Triangle, check out this action on Saturday night outside a fundraising event for Pat McCrory!

As you have probably read in many news outlets at this point, Gov McCrory has taken the somewhat surprising step of bestowing significant pay raises on his cabinet secretaries as large as $13,200. While some are complaining about the fiscal impact of the decision in such tough economic times.


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