Monday, February 4, 2013

Email: Fight for the Interest of North Carolina

*The Senate convenes at 7:00 tonight - The time is now to call Senator Berger's Office!*


The Republican-Led General Assembly came to power promising jobs and a stronger economy.  As we learned this week, this was not the case.  Since the beginning of the 2013 General Assembly, Republicans have proposed to cut the corporate and income tax rate and to make up for the lost revenue by raising the sales tax.  And that's not all.  Just this week the House Finance Committee passed HB 4  UI Fund Solvency & Program Changes (Unemployment Benefits Cut). This bill would:

                 Cut the maximum benefit amount by 1/3 to $350 per week. No state has ever made such a severe cut.

•             Cut all benefits by changing to a formula no other state uses.

•             Cut the maximum weeks of benefits from 26 weeks to a sliding scale of 12-20 weeks. Only two other states (Florida and Georgia) do this.

•             Cut benefits for workers who lose their job because of health reasons or family reasons, something ½ the states allow.

 In the Senate, the Republicans are pushing SB 4, which would block the expansion of Medicaid to poor families and individuals.  This bill will also prevent the state from participating in the creation of health exchanges as allowed by the federal Affordable Care Act.  We must act now.  Call Speaker Tillis, Leader Berger, Governor McCrory and your local representative/senator.  Let them know that we must take care of the least of these and not ignore them. 

 Governor Pat McCrory:  Phone: (919) 733-5811

Speaker Thom Tillis:         Phone:  919-733-345  email: 

Sen. Phil Berger, President Pro Tempore:   919-733-5708   e-mail:



Douglas A Wilson

Political Director

North Carolina Democratic Party

Cell: 919-815-1974

Twitter:  @wilsonalexander


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