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FW: Attack the problem, not other North Carolinians

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Subject: Attack the problem, not other North Carolinians



Dear James, 

By now, you have probably heard of the proposal in the NC General Assembly to cut the maximum unemployment insurance weekly benefit by 35% down to $350 a week. Republican lawmakers in the N.C. House rushed the bill through committee on Thursday and are set to vote on the House floor on Monday night. The bill's lead sponsor, Rep. Julia Howard, has been quoted as saying NC's current unemployment benefits are "too generous" and make people "dependent" on the government.

This is a cruel and unnecessary move made especially outrageous by the failure of these same lawmakers to make job creation and worker training a priority.

Meanwhile, Republicans in the NC Senate are busy thumbing their noses at President Obama by turning their backs on millions in federal healthcare dollars for North Carolina families. They are refusing to set up the required state health exchange and rejecting the federal dollars for uninsured North Carolinians provided by the Affordable Care Act.

To make matters worse, Gov. McCrory spent the week attacking the liberal arts and our institutions of higher education instead of addressing the need for jobs as a solution to both our unemployment and uninsured problems.

Before they take a dive on Monday evening and vote to punish the unemployed and uninsured, please send your state representative and state senator an email or give them a call and tell them to stop attacking other North Carolinians and to start attacking the problem — jobs.

Our struggling economy and the scarcity of jobs is the major problem facing North Carolina today. Last week, we learned that the unemployment rate went up in 95% of NC counties and the national economy actually shrank in the fourth quarter of 2012. North Carolina now has the nation's 5th highest state unemployment rate, and there are three people looking for work for every job vacancy in the state.

Why aren't our elected representatives doing anything about jobs? Because they are too consumed with promoting the various extreme right-wing causes du jour — attacking the unemployed, the uninsured and our public universities. This needs to stop. Our state needs real leadership.

Please send your state legislator a note right now.

Progress NC

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