Friday, February 8, 2013

Have, Do You Read The Follies at NC Policy Watch

If you don’t you should..

This week it centers on a Distorted Debate and a whooper of a lie from Phil Berger

Click here to go there and read this post.ff-208d

here is nice quote,

The law is increasingly popular and the ideologues know it, so they have gone into overdrive with their distortions, claiming it’s a “job-killer” when studies show it will create 23,000 jobs in the state. The proclaim that it will “bust the state’s budget” when in reality it will save the state money in the long run, roughly $63 million in the next ten years according to the widely respected Institute of Medicine.

And they claim it will force thousands of medical providers to leave their profession, though they offer no evidence to support the assertion. Dozens of doctors who support Medicaid expansion were sitting in the Senate gallery Monday night watching the debate.

here is the actual tweet it self,


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