Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Moral Monday Protests at the NCGA in Raleigh, NC

Today there was another Protest at the NCGA in Raleigh, NC. It would seem the people of the NC is sick and tired of the way the NC GOP is running our state. it would seem that they power hungry, since it has been over 50 years that that GOP has control of all three house, The Governor House, and both house of the NCGA.

Just what are they doing at these protests, Many of the demonstrators went into the Legislative Building clapping, singing, chanting, hoisting placards and raising their voices with expectations of arrest.

For the second week in row the capital police had a state’s dept. of corrections bus at the NCGA to help transport those arrested for standing up the power hungry GOP’s..

No wonder they haven’t had control in the last 50+ years.. 942181_372741732838097_544278458_n

so what are the charges facing those who are arrested,

The demonstrators face three charges: violating building rules that prohibit disruptions or disorderly conduct; failure to disperse under a state criminal statute; and trespassing for not leaving when instructed.

What will next morning hold for the NCGA? It will be the four such protest with the amount of arrests going up, this week about 57 people were arrested, last week it was 50, and about 20 the first week.

from the Daily Kos,

More arrests are expected on June 3, which is expected to be a "super-Moral Monday" called by the N.C. NAACP and its coalition partners. These acts of civil disobedience are in protest of the Republican supermajority's ramrodding of nearly 2,000 bills -- many of them designed to decimate public education, deny/restrict access to health insurance, kneecap labor rights, seize local control from elected municipal governments, restrict women's access to reproductive healthcare, expand firearms permissions, eviscerate oversight boards, permit exploitation of public lands, implement "fracking" and other environmental abuses, and suppress voter rights -- through the state legislature since the end of January.


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