Tuesday, May 21, 2013

YDNC: Only 10% Support Berger Plan

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
10:00 AM
Contact: Sam Spencer
Phone: (919) 322-YDNC


Only 10% Support Berger Plan
Poll of 500 North Carolina Voters Shows No Appetite for a Working Class Tax Hike

RALEIGH, NC – Only 10% of North Carolina voters surveyed support a tax plan before the North Carolina Senate according to a Public Policy Polling poll.

81% of voters – including 79% of Republicans – oppose tax reform that would lower state income taxes, the corporate tax, and business franchise tax rates while cutting state spending, raising the tax on groceries by 225%, taxing over 100 goods and services that are not currently taxed, and taxing prescription drugs like any other product. Full results here.

“An overwhelming majority of North Carolina voters are opposed to Senator Phil Berger’s working class tax hike,” said YDNC President Sam Spencer. “Senate Republicans need to take a long, hard look at whether they’re willing to pay the electoral price for supporting Berger’s plan. Voters have no appetite for a Republican grocery tax hike.”

“The people of North Carolina saw through the gimmicks of this tax reform plan and see it as the largest tax increase in North Carolina history on the middle class and working families,” said YDNC National Committeeman Justin Conley of Franklin, NC. Click here to read previous comments from Spencer and Conley on the Working Class Tax Hike.

Founded in 1928, the Young Democrats of North Carolina (YDNC) is an organization for all registered Democrats under 36, including College Democrats and Teen Democrats. YDNC is one of the oldest political organizations in our state, and is the founding chapter of the Young Democrats of America. YDNC is the official youth auxiliary of the North Carolina Democratic Party. The survey of 500 North Carolina voters was conducted May 17-20, 2013 by Public Policy Polling for YDNC. Margin of error is +/- 4.4%.



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