Saturday, May 4, 2013

NCGA Freshman Brian Brown thinks Education is only for select few..

From the Young Democrats of Pitt County, a very interesting press release,


Contact: Uriah Ward

Phone: 252-565-2038                                                                    



NC House member Brian Brown is one of the primary sponsors of House Bill 944, which was filed on April 16th. The bill would go into effect for the 2013-2014 school year and would cost 40 million ($40,000,000) in its first year and 50 million ($50,000,000) in its second year. The bill would provide scholarships to select applicants so they can attend private schools.

The full text of the bill can be found here:

Uriah Ward,President of the Young Democrats of Pitt County, responded to the introduction of H944: “At the core of public education is the idea that every single child has the right to be given the tools they need to succeed in life. It is not a select few that are owed that opportunity, it is everyone. Pitt County, the old home of East Carolina Teacher’s College, is the embodiment of that sentiment and this county deserves representation that stands alongside it in that ideal.

“I would never claim that our education system is totally adequate, but instead of attempting to address our problems as a state and as a county Brown has elected to provide a solution that only addresses the needs of a select few.  When I look at public education I don’t see something we need to save our children from, I see something we can save them with. If you don’t think public education is doing our children service, then let’s work together to fix it so that all of our children can get the education they deserve.”


North Carolina General Assembly - Representative Brian Brown (Republican, 2013-2014 Session)_2013-05-04


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