Tuesday, May 21, 2013

John M Blust makes statement then hastily walks away for demonstrators

john m BlustJohn Marshall Blust (born June 4, 1954) is a Republican member of the North Carolina General Assembly, representing the state's sixty-second House district, including constituents in Guilford county. An attorney from Greensboro, North Carolina, Blust has previously served terms in both the state House and Senate. He is a lawyer and a former U.S. Army captain.

Blust was relieved from his N.C. Senate seat by current U.S. Senator Kay Hagan.

While demonstrators were chanting and sings inside the NCGA, House Rep John Blust, has to check things out from himself. Then he felt the need to make a remake then run for cover down an off limit hallway in the NCGA.

The statement made by him,

“People have the right to voice their opinions, but they don’t have the right to force them on others,” Blust said before walking away.

He made the statement in earshot of those organizer whom were there.

Yes, yet the NCGA Republicans are forcing their political agenda down the throats of all NC citizens.

Just another self righteous jerk who thinks he owns the NCGA, yet can’t face a crowd after making a statement then runs away..


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