Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Didn’t see this coming, Magistrates to sue over pay

First the Teachers and now comes the Magistrates to sue for more pay..

Magistrates have filed a lawsuit, alleging that they've been underpaid for years.

Forty magistrates from across North Carolina sued the state Tuesday, alleging that going years without raises amounts to a breach of contract and violates their constitutional rights.

The magistrates are seeking back pay, plus interest, and want a judge's approval for a class-action lawsuit, noting all North Carolina magistrates are in the same position.

Pay scales for magistrates are set by statute and are based on the number of years of experience, which according to the suit creates a contractual obligation for the state to pay those rates. The state hasn't fulfilled that obligation since 2009, the suit states.

So who will be next to sue for more pay????


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