Thursday, May 22, 2014

The People's Lobby Day

Join us for a 

Forward Together Moral Movement


People's Lobby Day 

- Mobilization Call -

This Saturday


On the call, we will also give updates on the NC NAACP's challenge to the voter suppression law. 



Saturday, May 24, 2014

6 PM

Call In #: 712.432.1500

Passcode: 325471#


We are calling on North Carolina NAACP members, HKonJ coalition partners and Forward Together Moral Movement supporters to return with us to the General Assembly this Tuesday, May 27 for the People's Lobby Day. 


We will visit our lawmakers to call upon them to repent for their immoral actions last summer, to repeal these disastrous laws that are hurting our state's most vulnerable, and to restore our faith in their capacity to govern for the good of the whole.


On the call, we will also discuss the latest updates in our legal case against the monster voter suppression law passed last summer as we fight to block the new voter restrictions from keeping North Carolinians from the ballot box this November.



Forward Together, Not One Step Back!


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