Monday, May 26, 2014

Legislative Alert! Help Repeal a Jim Crow Law in Durham County

Since 1935, Durham County, to its shame, is the ONLY county in North Carolina to still have on its books the Jim Crow legacy law designed to restrict the ability of African Americans to defend themselves.

Last year, Senator Mike Woodard took a brave step forward to support the Civil Rights of African Americans and the Second Amendment Constitutional Rights of all Americans living in Durham County. Mike introduced Senate Bill 226 which would repeal this Jim Crow legacy law. The bill passed the NC Senate and was actually placed on the House calendar for a vote. Without explanation the bill was pulled from the calendar and sent to the rules committee where it remains today.

Right now, one man stands in the way of this bill being passed-- Representative Tim Moore, Chairman of the House Rules Committee.

On May 14th, 2014, opening day of the legislative short session, Tim Moore told representatives of Grass Roots North Carolina that he would get this bill out of committee and onto the floor within the next week. So far no action has been taken and his legislative assistant told GRNC there was a "reason" the bill did not move out of committee. That "reason" is unknown at this time.

Please call, write, e-mail, personally show up at his office or do whatever you can to inform Representative Tim Moore that it is time to pass SB226 and put this Jim Crow legacy law behind us. We only have a few weeks in this legislative short session to get this bill passed.

Contact Representative Tim Moore at, 919-733-4838, NC House of Representatives, 16 W Jones Street, Room 2301, Raleigh, NC 27601-1096 and 704-739-1221, 305 East King St., Kings Mountain, NC 28086. 

Thank you,

Paul Daniel


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