Friday, May 16, 2014

Representative Garland Pierce has a Petition concerning the #NCGA House Rules

Today, the General Assembly Republicans rushed to pass new rules in an attempt to silence the Moral Monday movement.  Why the rush? Why were Republicans in such a hurry today?

The answer is because Monday, May 19th is rapidly approaching.

The new rules governing the North Carolina General Assembly building restrict where members of the public can gather, places arbitrary and inconsistent limitations on noise, and changes the definition of the building from a place of the public to a place for politicians.

Apparently North Carolinian’s exercising their right to free speech made some politicians uncomfortable.  The Republicans have made it clear.  Their only answer to the Moral Monday movement is to do nothing but try to silence those who disagree with them.

They also made it clear they plan to continue supporting an agenda that prioritizes special interests over working families. As a result, it is up to all of us to continue speaking up and holding them accountable.  Please sign our petition today and forward to five friends to ensure that the Republican legislators continue to be held accountable for their actions.

Republicans can choose to engage in procedural tricks in an attempt to silence those who disagree with them, but we will continue to stand up and oppose an agenda that has time and again prioritized special interests over working families.

Until they begin to listen to the will of the citizens who elected them on important issues facing our state we will continue voicing or discontent.  Please stand with us today by signing our petition and forwarding it on to five friends.


Representative Garland Pierce

Chairman, NC Legislative Black Caucus

P.S.  We intend to make it clear to General Assembly Republicans that our voices will not be silenced by procedural tricks.  Please stand with us today.  Click here to sign our petition.


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