Monday, May 19, 2014

Thom Tillis will Miss the return of #MoralMonday today

you are wondering why the Speaker of the NC House is not in Raleigh running the NC House session today, here's your answer. He'll be in Washington, DC raising money from DC lobbyists.


From the NewsObserver,

No votes are expected Monday, but the conflict exemplifies the challenge Tillis will face this session as he tries to raise the millions needed to be competitive against Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan and run the House chamber.

Tillis has refused to relinquish his post despite calls to do so from Republicans and Democrats.

It’s the second time Tillis will miss a day of session to attend a fundraiser at the offices of the association – a major lobbying player on Capitol Hill. In July, just weeks into his campaign, Tillis skipped a debate on a sweeping tax bill and a contentious gun resolution to attend an event at the same place.

Jordan Shaw, Tillis’ campaign manager, emphasized that many lawmakers will not attend the session because no votes are being taken.

How nice Getting paid by NC to attend a Funds Raiser in DC…


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