Monday, September 12, 2011

More tweets concerning Marriage Amendment

Why wont GOP allow public comment on anti-gay amendment. What are they afraid of, being called out on their bigotry? We already know. #ncga

Skip Stam needs a history lesson on marriage. He can read this while he is in committee. #ncga

#ncga "since 1996 a lot of things are changing...DADT...a change in public policy" using military argument to stand against discrimination

Stam claims that courts "have forced same sex marriage on the people." Sounds like George Wallace talking about integration #ncga.

It's always funny to see intolerant black people, and redneck white people get along so well. #ncga #praythegayaway

"It is wrong to single out a group of people to discriminate against" Rep Luebke #ncga

Watch the House Rules hearing on the marriage amendment #ncga #ncpol

we're taking something in statute and letting people vote on moving marriage into Constitution.

Rep. Folwell essentially told businesses worried abt marraige amnt not to let door hit them on way out. #ncga


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