Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pink Slip Truth Tour Stops In Greensboro

Pink Slip Truth Tour Stops In Greensboro

Click here to see the WXII Channel 12 story about the Pink Slip Truth Tour, a series of educational media events held this week featuring unemployed North Carolina teachers and teacher assistants.  The tour stopped in Greensboro yesterday to show the public a pink slip (above) for every unemployed educator who lost a job this year because of K-12 education cuts in North Carolina.
The event is sponsored by Progress NC, a new and exciting organization that serves as a media voice for North Carolinians seeking to protect the qualities that made the Tarheel State great: a strong educational system, business competitiveness, forward-thinking government, thriving democracy, protection of natural resources and rich cultural traditions.
Progress NC Executive Director Gerrick Brenner and Research & Communications Director Justin Guillory are hosting the Pink Slip Truth Tour with a dramatic presentation that illustrates just how many teachers and teaching assistants have been laid off because of budget cuts to education.   The tour is also designed to highlight the effects that overall education cuts have on North Carolina's families.
Brenner and Guillory are joined on the tour  with veteran educator Tammie Veilleux of Washington County, who was laid off this summer because of the budget cuts.  They are meeting with local media and educators along the way to emphasize the impact of budget cuts on classroom sizes, school resources and the preparedness of North Carolina's children for the future.
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Belly said...

Schools, more often than not, " educational tours"and these are requirements even or else the student’s grade will be affected.

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