Thursday, September 15, 2011

State Sen. David Rouzer of Smithfield is raising money from lobbyists (shared email)


Money is very tempting. Some people just can’t resist, even when the cash takes them across the line.

It’s against NC law for a state legislator to take campaign donations from registered lobbyists. There’s just too much risk of corruption. Ask former Speaker Jim Black.

After years of calling out Democrats, now we’re seeing some Republicans in the General Assembly heading into the same dangerous territory.

Case in Point: State Sen. David Rouzer of Smithfield is raising money from lobbyists, TODAY.

He has found a way around NC law and he’s holding a fundraising event at a lobbyist’s home in Raleigh this evening, with lots of other lobbyists who want to cozy up to him.

This is crazy! Click here and tell him to stop!

Lobbyists for the hog and liquor industries, Wal-Mart and other businesses are hosting the event and some Republican leaders of the NC General Assembly will be there, too.

If Rouzer was running for re-election to the state Senate, this fundraiser would be completely illegal. But here’s the catch: Rouzer is running for US Congress . . . and in Congress, they take money from lobbyists every day – and then vote on the lobbyist’s legislation.

We can do better in North Carolina - and we’ve tried with our state law.

Rouzer says we need principled, moral leadership for North Carolina and he’s promising to provide that if elected to Congress. But today, he’s certainly starting off on the wrong foot.

Yes, federal law trumps state law, so Rouzer is free to take $25,000 or $50,000 from these lobbyists and their clients, even if it stinks.

So now it’s up to Rouzer. He can pocket the money or he can honor the spirit of the North Carolina law. Tell David Rouzer we’re watching.

Tell him to stop taking money from lobbyists.


Your Democracy NC Team


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