Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pam’s Take on James Forrester

jamesforresterAudio: @msignorile scorches bigoted NC Sen James Forrester on air – destroys rationale for the anti-gay amendment. http://ow.ly/6GQln #ncpol

Big kudos to friend-of-the-Blend Michelangelo Signorile. He somehow convinced NC Senator James Forrester, the sponsor of the job-killing, anti-LGBT amendment that we face, to go on the air with him (big, big mistake, Forrester).

The man, so obsessed with homobigotry filed an amendment bill 8 years in a row, only to watch it die in committee under Dem control in the NCGA. But now, under GOP leadership, Forrester finally he got his chance on the big stage and the measure passed without public debate, and no challenge from legal scholars. That’s transparency at work.

So why don’t you surf on over to Pam’s New House on Firedoglake.com, to read all about it.. Great Post Pam and Alvin…


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