Monday, September 12, 2011

Today’s Marriage Rally, (protect marriage) for the amendments (tweets)


Speakers at anti-gay rally have offensively invoked both MLK and 9/11 in their effort to write discrimination into the constitution.

They say the anti-gay amendment is about future generations. What about future generations of LGBT kids? #equalityaction #ncga

Looks like between 350 to 600 people outside the #ncga for the pro marriage amendment rally...well short of 1,000 as of 11:40 a.m.

The anti-gay speakers at rally are amazingly talking about freedom, liberty, and hope as they defend discrimination #ncga


@NCCapitol: We'll be livestreaming the Senate J1 debate on H61, the marriage amendment, starting at 1:30pm on #ncga #ncpol

Ahhh, irony. Invoking love at the rally to hate & discriminate. #equalityaction


(via Dani Moore, via twitpic)

I hope that the #NCGA fails to pass the amendment, we are more progressive than our current leadership national politicos.

Latest on marriage amendment - if GOP moves it to the May ballot, instead of Nov., it will likely get the D votes needed to pass. #ncga

not necessarily surprising that #NCGA GOP may be able to get enough Dem votes if they put the issue on May ballot, was an option out there

NAACP issues strong condemnation of anti-LGBT marriage amendment - - #ncga #ncpol

Lt. Gov Dalton just announced excused absences for today including GOPers Pate and Hartsell.They cant pass anti-gay amendment w/o them.#ncga

For marriage debate, two Cap police posted in NC House. #NCGA

#ncga House will take up the marriage amendment bill today. #ncga Senate gets it tomorrow.

Sen. Brunstetter just said that gay marriage amendment will start in House committee #ncga

@binker: #ncga House will take up the marriage amendment bill today. #ncga Senate gets it tomorrow.


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